Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Unemployed Man Confesses Leaflet Hell

I think they must be breeding. Everytime I come downstairs the mountain of boxes by the front door appears to have grown. It doesn't seem to matter how many of the things I deliver, the pile continues to grow. It's like trying to bail out a sinking ship with a teaspoon. But I must prevail. I *will* prevail.

With the Internationals banished for the moment there are at last things going on in the real World Of Football. A very young and pretty inexperienced Arsenal side overcame Championship high-fliers West Brom 2-0 at the Grove, helped in no small part by the early dismissal of the Baggies' former Gunner Jerome Thomas. Any win is good good good, this one particularly so as I (as I suspect do most Gooners) really enjoy watching the kids' outings in the Carling Cup.

Elsewhere, Sol Cambell has quit Notts County after one game. Will we see him playing again, at any level? I rather think perhaps not. Good luck to the fellow in whatever he does choose to do, he was truly a giant of the game at his peak.

Tea next, I think. And then leaflets...

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