Sunday, November 08, 2009

We're Crap And They Think We Are

And there we are, second and with a game in hand on the teams in first and third places.

Have a great week, I think mine is going to be hard work but I've no problem with that at this stage - I'm starting with a fair shot at things.

Make it a good one chaps, speak later.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

It Be The Weekend

Saturday's come and there's that there football on. We're away to Wolves. The result of today's game won't decide anything, but I'd not be surprised if, come the end of the season, we look back on this game as providing something of a turning point - a win would put as right in the frame with United and Chelsea, one or both of whom *have* to drop points tomorrow. We simply must win today.

Elsewhere it's off to Pucklechuch this evening for the Primary School fireworks do. This should be most excellent fun and there will, I'm told, be hot chestnuts and the like. Party on, dudes.

Right, where's that tea?

Thursday, November 05, 2009


It's Bonfire Night and the dark early evening sky is awash with splashes of colour and showers of baby stars. Unfortunately the accompaniment of explosions and other assorted bangings isn't being too well received by the house's K9 units. Impressed they most certainly are not.

Good result for us last night, not at all a clever one for the Scallies who are now, somewhat amusingly, favourites to win the Europa League thing. Those bookies are a right bunch of wags, are they not?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Could It Be Rafa?

AZ Alkmaar at home in the CL tonight. A win is more than possible here, and it'd set us up nicely to be spending our time concentrating on other fronts for a while. Come on you Gunners!

Elsewhere, the Soaraway Sun is sticking it to Gordon Big Issues big time, and quite right too. Why the wretch can't just call an election is beyond me, it really is.

Very odd journey back on the bus today - well, it might be entirely normal for buses, but I'm a recent convert to commuting that way - loads of coversations, but all one-ended because everyone was talking on their mobiles to people off the bus. Weird. Rather sad, actually.

Update: Half Time sees us 2-0 up and the Scallies drawing 0-0. It's the 'Pool on the box and I have to say they're doing OK. Torres is useless, though to be fair he's supposedly injured, but Benayoun and Kuyt are playing really well. I have a sneaking suspicion Voronin's hard work may yet be rewarded...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday's Child Requires A Beer

Stan Kroenke has purchased a further 427 shares in Arsenal's parent holding company and now has a stake of 29.6% - another step closer to the 29.9% threshold that would trigger the requirement for a formal takeover bid. A few years back I'd have been very wary about this situation, nowadays - SK having shown considerable decorum and respect in his dealings both with the club and us minion fans - way less so. The spectre of Usmanov lurks horribly and so Stan's the man for me if we really can't stay the way we are - and I suspect "the way we are" is the way most fans would like us to stay. SK seems, though, to understand the "patient and sane" approach AW has taken in his managerial stewardship of the club, and in particular the way the move to the new stadium has happened. Good.

Not a lot else going on, it would seem. So let's get that beer...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Yippeee! It's Another Week!

A win over the SFTL is always fine, and one when (a) they've been bigging themselves up before hand and (b) David Bentley is playing will always be good. 'Arry wasn't happy, but then he's no more Brian Clough than Robbie Keane is Joe Namath.

Notice how his shirt number falls between DB10's and TH14's. It's all in the stars, they say.

A new job today, so this is just a brief one. More later in the week, I hope.

Have a good one, all.