Friday, December 29, 2006

The Sun Is Having The Day Off

Gosh it's dark - it's pitch black outside, not even the slightest hint of dawn despite that fact it was practically daylight this time yesterday. I had to double-check the clock to make sure I hadn't inadvertently got up a couple of hours early (sadly I hadn't). Still, it's Saturday tomorrow and a good old-fashioned lie-in is on the cards. Excellent.

Not much news at all so far today - looks like everyone else is still convinced it's night-time - so maybe an update later if anything happens...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shivering At The Gates Of Dawn

Still no snow, but plenty of cold air. I used to love winter when I was younger, now I suspect it's best confined to Christmas cards. Perhaps I just need a new coat or to move somewhere else in the office so I've got a view of something other than a stick-like leafless and lifeless tree shrouded in fog.

Yet another muscle injury affects the team for Saturday's match up in Sheffield - this time it's a thigh strain which will keep EA25 out of the match. You have to wonder quite why we're picking up so many of this sort of injury ATM - perhaps it's the Emirates pitch? I'm hoping we'll see The Beast get a start at the weekend, he sounds like he's champing at the bit and he's looking far leaner and meaner now than he did when he joined us.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Wrong Kind Of Cold

Plenty of cold air, no fluffy white stuff :( Oh, well, never mind, I daresay we'll get some before too long. Fine Christmas all round, particularly a couple of pleasing football results for the Gunners and a nice Christmas surprise served up by Reading and Chelski.

Things are looking a little less rosy for Liverpool fans ATM, with news that the proposed takeover is nothing more than an attempt to make a short-term financial killing. Whether the news will make the Liverpool board have a rethink remains to be seen.

More later, my hands are too cold to type right now.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas!

A happy Christmas to all of you, whatever your religious/political views on life. And may you see the New Year as a chance to move on. All the best.

Friday, December 15, 2006

CL News

We've got PSV in the first knockout round. Could have been worse, I reckon. Chelski get Porto, which could be fun, ManUSA face Lille and Celtic have got a winable tie against AC Milan. Liverpool have got Barcelona, which has just drawn a hearty groan from my Liverpool-supporting colleague.

The fixtures start in late February.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Enough, I Reckon

So we've picked up 3 points tonight thanks to a superb pass from FF4 and a cool finish from the increasingly excellent EA25. Add that to Sunday's well deserved point down the Fulham Road and I feel we're doing pretty well at the moment, thank you very much. The weekend could be interesting, but again no predictions...

On another tack, why do people think murdering prostitutes is somehow not as serious as murdering anyone else? We had the same argument over Sutcliffe, of course, but then if we ever learned the lessons of history we'd have nothing exciting like arms industries, wars and politicians. Good luck to the fellow leading the chase to catch whoever's responsible, he (the policeman, not the perpetrator) seems like a decent guy. Hell of a job, I know I couldn't hack it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

RIP James Kim

The story of James Kim's tragic death attempting to save his family (who thankfully survived) has touched a lot of people's hearts. Mine too. May he rest in peace.

Elsewhere, we're through to the knockout stages of the CL following last night's pretty dire draw against Porto. I'm not sure, but I think both teams may have come close to breaking the existing record for most consecutive passes during the last quarter of an hour. Still, points make prizes as Brucie is wont to say, we only needed the one and we got it. What's to moan about?

PM-in-waiting Gordon "The Moron" Brown has yet again shown his contempt for those of us who dare to live in rural areas by whacking up petrol costs again. Quite how this is a "green" policy when we have no choice but just to pay the additional costs (there being no alternative after years of New Labour transport "policy") and he's seen no need to put any extra burden on those who *choose* to drive quite unnecessary gas-guzzlers is beyond me. But then most of the things he does make fuck-all sense to me.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Blair Insane, Weather Unchanged Too

I used to wonder if Tony Blair could actually get any more detached from reality, I don't any more and haven't for a while. Just let him play in his PC little garden with his safe PC fluffy toys 'til he hands over to the power-crazed Scot who's never had a job. Let's just hope we still have a country left come the next election...

Have a fine evening my friends.

Friday, December 01, 2006

It's Grim Out West

What a crap week. I've been running around like the proverbial blue-arsed fly (why do only blue-arsed flies rush about, I wonder?) and seem to have achieved absolutely naff all. The fact that it's Friday isn't even cheering me up any. Mind you, the weather's hardly helping, it's dank and dark down here and is showing no sign of improving. That's Somerset for you, it'll be like this til next May. Oh joy.

The scum tomorrow. No predictions from me (see comments in the last post). TH14 looks likely to miss the game. Let's just hope the rest of the team turns up.