Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Harleys Revealed!

We're back from the Thornbury run. Very nice it was too, great weather, a really nice road and some fantastic scenery. We came back via Yate and Iron Acton, so got to explore some quaint countryside and all. Very fine.

Off, then, to Riders for the lauch of this year's (or is it next year's?) new Harley models. Decent rock band, burgers, tea and acres of shiny metal. Lots of hairy types gazing quizically at the various shapes of Harleys trying to figure out which are the new ones. You've guessed it: they look extraordinarily like the old ones...


Now I think it's time for a beer. Weather's still really good, so I guess it'll be in the concrete beer garden. Fair play.

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