Monday, September 21, 2009

And Around It Comes

Another Monday. Good stuff. This cyclicality manifests itself in the football world, too. Last week saw the re-emergence of "lucky Arsenal".This weekend has brought us the return of Old Trafford's famed "keep playing 'til the home team win" time-keeping, Michael Owen downing the upstart Citeh Mancs with a winner in the 6th minute of added time. Splendid stuff. I really expect the start of a Citeh slide now, and if Given were to be injured or lose form then that slide could take them a very long way down indeed.

Yesterday we moved and set up a pig arc. How very rural. A lot of fun, too, as it happens. Today it's back to the streets with the leaflets. I am starting to develop a bit of a dislike for the leaflets. There's something accusing about that stack of boxes.

Tea. Post Office. Ebay. Such a whirl!

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