Friday, July 23, 2010

Oliver Curd Trust - Queen's Head Update

A quick update on the Oliver Curd Trust fund-raiser at the Queen's Head, Bristol, on Saturday 17th July. Thanks to everyone who made Saturday such a good night, in particular the Fraser Road Race Band who dragged their sorry arses all the way from Shepton.

A good time was had by pretty much everyone I think - even those who ate the cheeseburgers - and over £360 is now winging its way to the Oliver Curd Trust.


Eduardo Off, Easynet Sold Off, Too

Sad to see E9 off to Shaktar. More than enough's been said about what's happened to the poor guy over the last couple of years so all I'm going to say is thanks, and good luck.

I see that Easynet, or at least part of it, has extricated itself from the Murdoch empire. Quite what's going on here isn't at all clear, certainly not to me at any rate, but it's been organized by David Rowe, a man whose past record speaks for itself, and is therefore likely to be a good move for Easynet.

I wonder what will happen now to the Three Men I Admire Least?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back Ache

Ouch. And my ankle hurts. Perhaps it's all down to the weird, tomato-killing weather. Mind you, quite why I worry about the tomatoes when I don't actually like them when they're all nice and ripe and far prefer the green tomato chutney we might have to make tons of if the weather b0rks them again is quite beyond me. I'd like the sun back, though, please.

Today's Cesc-botherer: Sergio Busquets.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

17 July 2010 - Queen's Head Bristol - Oliver Curd Trust Charity Gig

Come along to the Queen's Head, Bristol (junction of Royate Hill and Fishponds Road) on Saturday 17 July for some groovy Rock 'n' Roll fun, a raffle and a BBQ all in aid of the Oliver Curd Trust.