Thursday, September 22, 2011

Burger All

I have exerted my influence (sadly this is in no way as significant as my girth) and burgers will be a-grillin' from around 16.00 at Saturday's Queen's Head bash. Get there early before I eat them all...

Please note that this is a "Macdonald's Advert" style impression of a Semple Burger and is not to be confused with anything that may actually be served on Saturday

Friday, September 09, 2011

One For The Hat

Following the rather bizarre Mitsubishi Family Day in Feeder Road the other week there's another bash in aid of the National Star College at the good old Queen's Head in Fishponds Road, Bristol on Saturday 24th September.

Organised by this man...

We'd love to see you there. Music from Rock Bottom, BBQ, Raffle (run by Paul, so probably worth coming along for in its own right). Starts after whatever football's on live that day. Burgers may start earlier if I have anything to do with it.