Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Another New Week!

Another new week is here, let's all try to make it a very fine one indeed! Arsenal's win at the weekend set us up for a good start, of course, and doing the tourist bit round Bristol (including a very welcome visit to the fabulous Myrtle Tree) did no harm at all, either.

A proper touch of Brizzle: multi-coloured terraced houses overlooking the floating harbour.

Bristol on a sunny Sunday can be a really nice place for a day's sightseeing, provided of course that you don't mind hills and traffic jams. To be fair, the bus service is great but using it isn't hugely groovy fun if one of your number is in a wheelchair. We opted for the car/"what a great traffic jam" option. And as luck would have it, the Myrtle Tree has a disabled parking space right outside.

Obligatory postcard view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Build something properly and it's likely to last. Mr Brown, please take note.

I'm shortly off to the Yellow Box Company to buy some cardboard for a bit of EBay action and then will be spending the rest of the day tending to the Boss who is still a tad Tom and Dick.

Update: Well it's just taken me more than three-quarters of an hour to fabricate a box to mail a guitar in. I've used a whole giant packing box, most of Saturday's Telegraph and an entire roll of packing tape. And people have the gall to moan about EBay packing costs!

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