Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Street-Walking Day

As I survey the mountain of heavy cardboard boxes leaning against the wall in the hallway I reflect on the wisdom of taking Mr Fisher's advice. "Try leafleting", he said, "it pays quite well". Actually, it pays minimum wage which few people would describe as "well" but that's the way it is under Big Decision Gordon so it's got to be worth a crack. It'd be kind of nice if it can avoid raining for a few days though!

1-0 wins for both Chelsea and United last night. We start our CL campaign proper tonight with an away game at Belgium's Standard Liege. We do this with a *lot* of players missing, most notably both Manuel Almunia and Lukasz Fabianski meaning we'll have either Vito Mannone or Wojciech Szczesny in goal. I suspect it'll be the former of the two, who's looked OKish when I've seen him play, but I have to say that's not really often enough to have a good picture of the chap. Good luck to whichever of them gets to wear the gloves tonight.

Other players out: RVP11, D15, SN8, AA23, JD20, CV12, TW14. Just as well Eduardo's now able to make the game, then.

Stupid amounts to do today, so let's get the tea flowing and stuff done!

PS: Loads of new stuff on the West Country Pubs site, so take a look. You'll shortly (quite possibly now, if Mr Fisher's got his magic code doing its thing) be able to upload your own reviews!

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darren said...

I am afraid I have not been able to get the magic code working.

Still looking for more magic code though :)