Friday, September 18, 2009

I Always *Knew* Tesco's Were From The Dark Side

So there we have it. Evidence that no one can ignore: Tesco have banned a Jedi knight from one of their stores for wearing the hood his religion requires him to wear in public. And they *laughed* at him when he explained about it, and then they threw him out. Give Morrison's a shot.

Pleasingly the sun has once again put in a glorious appearance as there are a few hours leafleting in store for me today. I'm actually rather enjoying it: obviously I needed to get out more! After that it'll be putting (what I sincerely hope are) the finishing touches to the MouseMan's website and then it'll officially be THE WEEKEND!

Well, except for the leafleting, that is. I've got an awful lot of the things still.

Update: West Ham's Callum Davenport - seriously injured in a stabbing last month - is being released from hospital. He's unlikely to play again, though at least he won't be losing his leg, which had been a real risk. Good luck to you, young man.

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Fishlet said...

That's it get out and enjoy it while the sun shines. Poor Jedi - fancy that, bet they would have let R2D2 in though !

Share in my anger if you would at this -

You KNOW how I already feel about them. :-(