Thursday, October 08, 2009

What A Gorgeous Day!

The weather here in Bristol today is absolutely fantastic, no two ways about it. The sun is out and the air is crisp and clear. Wonderful. If it can stay like this for a few days then all the better, but I'm enjoying for what it is whilst I can.

It's a slow news day on the football front, as is always likely before an international weekend. More talk of debts at big clubs: today it's the Manchester Red Devils and their friends down the road in Anfield Road, Scalliesville. Neither story seems any more than aimless conjecture (well, OK, not entirely aimless, the aim being to fill the back pages in a couple of redtops) to be fair. More interesting is the news that the very likeable Arvam Grant is back at Portsmouth - this time as Director Of Football (wasn't he that before, before taking over as manager?). Good luck to him.

Arsenal are reported to be interested in Barcelona captain Carles Puyol. This seems highly unlikely to me - he's already 31 and whilst he's a good and flexible player he's surely not going to be (or want to be) a cheap-as-chips Silvestre-type back-up option? Perhaps it's a bit of Cesc-tapping payback? All very odd. He'll no doubt sign in January.

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