Friday, October 02, 2009

A Pot Pouri Of Fridayness

Lots of Friday-ish stuff going on today, starting with a visit to the Bethesda Community Arts Cafe where Big Rich is a volunteer chef. I went along as apparently they're looking for someone to help run music groups, something I'd love to do, but the person I need to see wasn't there. No rush, no doubt they will be at some point. If you're passing the place (Redfield, in Church Road) in the morning do pop in for a cuppa or a cheap (and nicely made) breakfast or lunch. Not much "arty" going on there atm, though.

Rich in the kitchen at the Bethesda Community Arts Cafe. The Cafe's well worth a visit.

The discs in my back are doing a very good impression of a bag of Scrabble pieces today, and no amount of jiggling around is getting them to settle back into proper order. This is infuriating, but not actually painful. With any luck it'll clear up of its own volition.

Lots of groovy job application stuff to do today and then it'll be the weekend, for which I really hope the weather stays good as we're thinking of trekking up to Gloucester. If you find yourself with a few mintues to spare you could do worse than sign up for Mr Fisher's latest game site (it's free and quite addictive) The Legend Of The Green Dragon.

Have a good one, make it count!

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