Thursday, October 01, 2009

One To Watch

Today sees the swearing in of the UK's own Supreme Court, which will in very substantial part replace the Law Lords as the UK's hightest Court of Appeal. The move marks the (almost) complete separation of the Judges from the Legislature and Executive and is in theory a good thing, I think. What happens in practice may be another matter but only time will tell that.

Routine (if, in that lot from Fulham's case, unconvincing) wins for Chelski and The Manchester Red Devils in the CL last night. All four English teams should make it into the knockout stages, though Liverpool are making every effort to ensure that they won't give themselves the chance to rest players in the later group games, which may not help their Premiership ambitions.

Good weather here today, if rather cold, and that's good as I'm going to be out and about. More later, perhaps.

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