Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roll On The Big One

Golly that was a long week! Still, here we are at Saturday and a welcome day of rest. Anything I do today will involve trips to the fridge, methinks. Tomorrow it's bike polishing and then off down to the Queen's Head for The Big One.

Normally Reds vs Reds derbies leave me a tad cold, but this is a MASSIVE game and no mistake - the beauty of it, too, from a Gooner point of view is that any result is a good one for us, so we can just sit and enjoy it for what it is. And enjoy it I'm certainly hoping to do. We do need to get a result at the Boleyn Ground later on, but I'm quitely optimistic we'll do that, however much of a bogey team/PITA the Hammers have proven to be in the past.

Right, off to the fridge. Laters, dudes.

Update: Smile, friends, the SFTL have just lost at home to Stoke :)

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