Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Dark Out There

Very, very dark in fact and it's only 18.44. Winter, is that you?

Great win last night - I listened to it on the wonderful Five Live, and most enjoyable it was too, though I was a a tad worried at times that John Motson was about to implode under the weight of his own implausible controversies. Alan Green is cool though. The stuff football's made of.

On the subject of what football's made of it no longer lists Marlon King as an ingredient. The journeyman player/full-time ****wit has been locked up for 18 months for breaking a diminutive female student's nose when she objected to him groping her. At his age and with Newcastle now almost behaving like a normal club it's difficult to see him getting back to top-flight employment - Wigan having done the decent thing and sacked him - when he gets out in about 3 weeks, so at least there'll be some sort of justice.

Friday tomorrow. I understand this to be a good thing, and will attempt to behave appropriately.

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