Monday, October 05, 2009

And Another One...

These "new weeks" are starting to crop up at one heck of a lick, I have to say. It's age, the Boss tells me. Well, thanks for that:/

Excellent result yesterday, and not just because of the three points and the high score but because we had six different scorers, not the sort of goal supply many other teams in the Premiership (is it still called that?) are going to manage this or any other week. This is, IMHO, a justification of AW's "don't waste money on big names, build a team" approach. On the subject of AW's "how to run a football club" philosophy, Portsmouth fans may not be the only ones atm who are looking over their shoulders at bankers who're now not even lurking in the shadows but creeping out, scenting blood. I can't help thinking that the time is not too far away when a top-flight team bites the dust.

The next England qualifying game - now realistically no more than a friendly - is going to be a "web exclusive". Interesting to see how pubs get round this one. Greek broadband?

Right, let's get on with it...

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