Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heroes, Lies And The BBC

David Shepherd, cricketer of these parts, umpire of 92 tests and bonne-oeuf-toute-circullaire, as young Pete would say, has died, aged only 68. He'd been battling cancer for some time. He will be missed - I suspect, though, that his Nelson-hopping routine will soon become a regular supporter dance routine at grounds up and down the country.

Elsewhere the BBC are trying to make Andre Agassi's confession that he lied about how he came to fail a drugs test way back in his dark days when he'd fallen down to around 140 in the world into a "star admits taking stimulants" story. No chaps, it's not. It would seem he took crank/tina/meth once and explained the test failure away as saying he'd drunk a doctored drink. Does anyone at the beeb know what this drug does? Do they seriously think he could actually *compete* regularly under its influence? Get a ****ing grip on reality and give credit where credit's due for the man's honesty.

Carling Cup tonight and we're at home to the Scallies. Bring it on, I love this competition, I really do!

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