Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Somewhat Different Week

Interview on Wednesday, started work on Thursday. Brilliant. OK, so it's temp work and likely to be short-term but it's got me back in the game and it's released the Evil Empire's grip on my ankle. It's great to be back, I have to say.

Tomorrow is Hogging The Bridge day. I hope this turns out to be as much fun as it promises to be, good weather would be almost as good a start as the enormous number of bacon rolls the Boss is now geared up to make. There should be a few of us leaving from here - thankfully the neighbours all appear to like bikes - and I'm hoping we can meet up with the Invicta HOG lot for some tea and a greasy-thing-in-a-roll over in Chepstow. Pictures will, I hope, follow in due course...

Proper football is back today. It's half-time for the normal time kick-offs and we're 2-1 up against Birmingham. We *should* win this and, to be honest, we *have* to win this. Elsewhere, Chelsea have already lost to Villa and the Manchester Red Devils are predictably stuffing Bolton. Liverpool are managing to lose, being a goal down after the ball deflected off a balloon. Liverpool players are up in arms: read the laws, chaps.

More in a while, perhaps. And so to the fridge...

Update: Well we won, 3-1 in the end; United won, too, as did the SFTL. However, both Chelski and the Scallies managed to lose. Interesting.

The top five positions are now occupied thusly:

Man Utd 22
Chelsea 21
Tottenham 19
Arsenal 18
Man City 16

However, whilst the top three have all played 9, we've played 8 and Citeh 7. Early doors and all that. The blue half of Manchester play Wigan tomorrow, so I anticipate we'll be fifth come Monday morning. *But* we'll be only four points behind the leaders with a game in hand. Good enough for me for mid-October, I have to say.

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