Monday, August 31, 2009

Where Is Everyone?

Golly it's quiet today, barely a mouse has stirred so far and it's gone 14.00 on a Bank Holiday. The cars are all sleeping, their owners nowhere to be seen. I guess everyone did their Bank Holiday Fun thing yesterday. Not a lot on the football front as we enter yet another break - the second one this season and we're only 3 or 4 games in. Farcical.

Rumour - and probably nothing more, but you never know - has it that AW is looking, still, to bring in both Chamakh and Vieira before tonight's transfer deadline. At least he's not in the queue to sign Pompey's comedy goalkeeper who may well by on his way to Spurs along with 'Arry's other Pompey favourites. Good move? Not for James, I wouldn't have thought. Gomes is out atm but I'd reckon he'd be the number one when he's fit and it makes no sense for James to bench-warm in a World Cup season - especially when it's the last World Cup he's realistically likely to play in.

Can I be bothered to head off down the pub, I wonder?

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