Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Dole Office day today. What an appallingly depressing place the "Job Centre Plus" is, the grey filth of the outside of the building extends to every aspect of the inside of the place, the staff included. I dread going there, I really do.

So this is Gordon's Britain? He's dragged us back to the worst days of the 70s - racial violence, strikes, unemployment - and has done nothing to deal with the issues beyond keeping alive the PC/Box Ticking/Spin New Labour mentality that means no one can talk about what's actually going on. Brilliant. For a lot of us, a three-day working week is purely aspirational. A couple of generations of Britons are now in danger of ending up on the scrap heap.

Is anything else missing? Ah, yes, football violence. Err, sorry, that's back too. Hardly surprising really, and not at all surprising that it should be a West Ham vs Millwall match that reintroduces this further sign of social ill-ease.

Outside, it's raining. As it should be: the sky is crying.

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