Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend, We Welcome You

The weekend's here again, and with it the sun. Add in a home game against Portsmouth (and at a proper kick-off time, too) and we've got the makings of a good couple of days. Not that I want to risk counting chickens, etc, but if we've going to win owt this season then we really should *expect* to beat the likes of Portsmouth, especially given the parlous state they find themselves in atm.

I have to admit I've something of a soft-spot for Portsmouth and their fantastic fans, and I'd love the team to stay in the Premiership but I've no desire for today to provide them with anything other than nil points and a lesson in playing groovy football.

I wonder if I can wrangle a visit to the pub for the early game today, whatever it is? Somehow I doubt it...


Seems like there is no early game unless you count Scottish football. Let's not, eh?

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