Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pub, I Hear You Calling Me...

A great result yesterday, and, despite a couple of wobbly moments, a good performance too. 10 goals in 2 games is very fine, though the manner in which the two we've let in got in there leaves a niggling cause for concern. Another centre back would really be nice. Still, let's not be picky, this is a season for positivity IMHO.

The Boss having now realised that even Harley Davidsons need to be given petrol from time to time this morning's chugabout went fine until her side panel fell off on the A4174. I spent the journey back with the thing stuffed down the front of my jacket, somewhat uncomfortable and restrictive, I have to say. Probably my punishment for making fun of Tig's marrow and ginger tarmac.

We're off now to the boozer for a couple of swift ones before roast lamb and a peek at Fulham vs Chelsea, which has a bit of potential for fun.

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