Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's All Beyond Me

Hmmm. "Eduardo Cheat" seems to be the story of the day, relagating the appalling scenes at West Ham vs Millwall to, well, nowhere really. Indeed, apart from 'Arry suggesting "the teams should be kept apart" in future, there's little or nothing about the whole disgrace anywhere. The ref didn't have much choice on the night really - whilst you'd think 3 pitch invasions is at least 2 pitch invasions more than it should have taken to abandon the game, what would have happened if he *had* called it off? I'd like to see West Ham booted out of the Carling Cup for this season and both teams banned for next year's. Won't happen of course, it's far more likely Eduardo will be extradited or something.

The draw for the Champions League is today. More later, perhaps, when we know who we've got. Meanwhile it's back to EBay. Oh, and tea.

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