Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Glimpse Outside Suggests There Must Be A Cricket Match On

Grey and wet outside here in Brizzle today. The gloom returns after a couple of really rather lovely days of sunshine and breakfast in the garden. Today is rather more bacon-sarnie-at-roadside-cafe. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, of course.

So, United are once again having an iffy start to a season. The papers appear to be making much of the "United are crap without Ronaldo" line, which I have to say I don't agree with in general. However, Ronaldo *was* good at shafting "little" teams. You'd have expected him to have had a couple last night, and it's that they'll miss about him, IMHO. For me, he always went missing in the "big" games. *If* United are going to struggle against the minnows in a way they haven't for a few years then this could, indeed, be an interesting season.

My tip to keep Liverpool out of the top four this year, the Scum From The Lane, got themself a good result against Hull. St Totteringham's Day may be late this year but it *will* turn up and without the aid of food poisoning, I believe.

Another interview today. I'm not sure this suggests the market's finally picking up, or merely shows that the IT area I had been confining myself to is still dead but that there's life outside, where I'm now looking. Time for another cuppa, I think.

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