Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Already?

That's what a Sunday in Brizzle'll do for you I guess, yesterday was a complete write-off as far as I was concerned. Great day Sunday, mind, particularly as FF4 did exactly as I'd asked in a previous post and played a blinder. Great result, really good to watch, too.

Defoe's Tysonesque assault on one of those West Ham Argies is dominating the Red Tops' back pages ATM - hardly surprising IMHO as it's both funny and appalling. The FA have leapt into inaction as usual, but it's hard to see how they can fail to do something about this incident, particularly as the referee has categorically stated that the bite wasn't punished by him at the time.

League Cup stuff tonight, which I have to say I always rather enjoy, not least because we get to see a few of the up-and-coming and fringe players get a run out. I'm sure it'll be on the box on some or another channel so that's my evening mapped out. Cool.

Oh, and by the way, my copy of John Nicholson's book "Footy Rocks" arrived yesterday. Corking stuff, you owe it to yourself to nip off to Football365 and order it.

UPDATE: It's just been announced that KT5 has signed a new long-term contract to stay at Arsenal. Excellent news!

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