Tuesday, October 03, 2006

It's Shaping Up To Be An Awful Day

Another school shooting in the US - in an Amish community, of all places - has so far left five kids, and the shooter, dead. North Korea have now publicly announced their intention to test a nuclear device "in the future", whatever that's supposed to mean. Al is back in hospital. Al, if by some bizarre chance you are reading this, get well soon, mate, we're all rooting for you here.

The Stevens report might really have been announced as "Panorama 2". There was little solid announced, though this is hardly surprising at this stage, I would imagine there's no chance of names being named unless charges are going to follow. His next, presumably final, report is due in December. Yawn.

Looks like JL1 is going to be offered a new one-year deal. This is good news, indeed, IMHO. Apparently, "according to sources", AW is also considering bringing in Le Mans' young keeper Yoann Pele (about whom I know nothing whatsoever) which makes some sense as we do need to invest in a long-term goalkeeping prospect.

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