Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Bug's Back

Well, that or it's another one - either way I'm sniffling and coughing like a good 'un. I still feel better than I did with Monday's hangover, though, so that's some mild relief.

Cracking games in the Carling Cup last night - good result for us (and many words of praise from the Baggies' boss), dreadful result for the Hammers (who, for some reason - usually the wrong one - are appearing rather too often in this blog) and an unfortunate one for Doncaster. Brainiac won't be best pleased, I suspect.

Crewe vs ManUSA tonight, and Blackburn vs Chelski. I'd rather watch the latter but it's not on, so it'll be the former for tonight's entertainment. Let's hope it is.

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