Monday, October 30, 2006

Today's Headache Is Not Brought To You By Beer

Which is a shame, since if it were at least I'd have the memory (if only partial) of an entertaining few hours. As it is I merely have the (complete) memory of another night's sleep interupted by the demands of the latest cold bug. Still, things could be far worse: consider the case of Luton's Sol Davis who's suffered a stroke at the age of 27. Thankfully it looks as if he's expected to make a full recovery and to be back playing in six months or so. Best wishes to him.

Not the greatest result for us at the weekend, though for a quite a while it looked like it might be rather worse. We need to pick the pace up again with a win against CSKA on Wednesday but there's hardly the cause for panic the ususal doom and gloom merchants are coming up with.

Photos of the weekend's festivities in (surprisingly for the time of the year) sunny Kent to follow in due course.

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