Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ooh, Is It Raining?

Of course it's ****ing raining, this is bloody Somerset. It's absolutely teeming it down, just as it was yesterday and the day before that...

Some unknown (but virulent and apparently very popular) bug has had me laid up for a day or so, hence the lack of posts. But here I am now, back at work and wishing I was still in bed.

Good result for us on Saturday and good to see TW32 get a start. We've got a lot of good-looking options now and the roll goes on, long may it continue.

Best wishes to Petr Cech for a speedy and thorough recovery from what appears to be a very nasty injury indeed. He may play for Chelski but he's a human being (and by all reports a fine one at that) and football *is* just a game. Some things really are more important.

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