Wednesday, May 10, 2006

UEFA Cup FInal

Thought I'd try a different approach with this one, with the CL Final in mind...

10:00 A reasonable start from Boro, though Sevilla have had a couple of decent chances. Boro certainly don't look over-awed.

23:00 Pleasant enough to watch but not exactly exciting - both teams are keeping their shape and they're just playing swap-ball in midfield. Sevilla possibly marginally ahead on points, but there's really bugger-all in it atm. One of the Boro defenders keeps slipping over, which makes you wonder about his footwear choice - let's hope this doesn't cause a real problem before they can fix it.

25:59 Goal to Sevilla. Good move, fine (headed) finish. The Zorro-masked Schwarzer stood no chance whatsoever.

HT Boro 0 Sevilla 1 You can't argue with the score, Boro finished the first half very much on the back foot and really do need to up it a lot if they're going to win this. They're starting to look nervy, too...

OK, here comes the second half and Boro have brought on Maccarone. Good luck, chaps!

60:00 One good chance to Boro but despite that, and the fact that Boro are pushing forward, Sevilla still very much have the uppper hand. Boro are also playing a very tiring game so extra-time wouldn't be too good (though better than where they are atm, of course)...

70:00 Well we're not into the two-minute drill but already Boro are out with the Hail Marys. They've got four forwards on now but sadly there's still no real penetration (titter ye not, Mr Howerd).

74:30 Should have been a penalty to Boro for a shove on the Pie Eater, IMHO. Not given though.

77:45 Goal. Another for Sevilla. Good goal, though the keeper was a little unlucky. I suspect the fat lady's getting ready, sadly.

83:34 Goal. She might as well come on now 'cause it's another to Sevilla. Yet another good 'un, even if it took a deflection, but the score's really now not fair to Boro who've had far more of this game than 3-0 suggests. Of course, it's only the score that goes in the books...

88:40 Goal. Blow the whistle, Ref, this is getting unfair on Boro. Sevilla's fourth was from Kanoute, FWIW.

FT Boro 0 Sevilla 4 The right team won, for sure, but I think the final score was a little harsh on a very game Boro side. Let's hope they'll be back before too long.

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