Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Champions League Final

OK, here we go. Gosh, I'm more than a little nervous. Geoff's called from the ground, the lads are to the left of the goal at the Arsenal end on the second tier. Perhaps they'll wave. I hope to fuck they're cheering at the end...

Come on you Arsenal!

2:35 Ooooh... Close by TH14, fine chance...

3:05 Fine shot from TH14...

11:52 Ronaldinho free kick's gone wide. Good game so far. Not that I care about quality, I just want the right result...

17:33 In the net from Barca. Goal disallowed, but JL1 sent off for taking down Eto'o outside the area. Technically right? Probably, but rather harsh, why not just let the goal stand? JL1 first man ever sent off in a CL Final. I'm sure he's chuffed about that, I don't think any sane person would fault him for going for the save though. MA24 on, RP7 off. Free kick wide. We're down to 10 men in the CL again. I hope AW wasn't joking when he said we practice for this.

36:10 Free kick to us, right side of their box.

36:50 Goal! 1-0 to the Arsenal! SC23, thumping header!

46:24 MA24 brilliantly pushes Eto'o's fine shot onto the post.

47:43 TH14 on his own... row Z...

Half Time: Barca 0 Arsenal 1. Cracking. I'm really not sure how much longer we can hold out like this, but come on you Arsenal!

And here we go again. Edmilson off, Iniesta on for Barca. No changes for us. Let's face it, we can't now waste subs.

47:51 Deco shoots, held well by MA24.

50:44 Yellow card for TH14 who was chasing back. I have to say the cards, or threat of them, all seem to be going one way.

54:36 Free kick to Barca just outside the area. Fair free kick (we'll ignore the one we didn't get a few seconds earlier) but the card Barca are calling for would have been unfair, and one isn't presented as it happens. Ends up in a goal kick.

57:01 Another good piece of work by MA24. We're under a fair bit of pressure now.

59:30 Corner to Arsenal. Cleared comfortably.

60:20 Larsson on, Van Bommel off for Barca.

62:28 Fine move from Arsenal, ending in a shot wide from AH13.

65:06 Arsenal on the break again, TH14 into the box but the ball slightly over-ran.

66:25 Great break by FL8, corner. Taken by FF15, cleared easily.

69:45 Another chance for TH14, keeper did well. Pretty much immediately followed by a shot from Ronaldinho which went wide.

70:54 Belletti on, Olegurer off for Barca. That's their last sub.

71:57 Dive on the edge of the box from Eto'o. No card, of course.

73:26 Corner to Arsenal. FF15 off, MF16 on. Cleared comfortably.

75:56 Goal to Barca. Eto'o. Bollocks.

Now we're in trouble. Not only are we playing with 10 men but having to bring on MA24 has meant we've only got one sub left. We can't now win this by defending, so let's bring on DB10 :)

80:30 Goal. Barca again. Belletti. We're probably fucked, but, hey, faith is a good thing. Now give us Dennis...

84:21 AH13 off, JAR9 on.

92:11 Oh, he's finally booked a Barca player.

Full Time: Barca 2 Arsenal 1. Very game performance from us, and difficult to say anyone's underperformed under the circumstances. If you play the self-styled "best team in the world" with 10 players you're going to find it difficult. Well done Arsenal, you've done us proud.

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