Thursday, July 20, 2006

That's The Way To Do It

The thoroughly crap managerial career of none-too-popular former Gunner David O'Leary has plumbed new depths with his departure from Aston Villa. He takes somewhere between £500k and £2m with him to add to the £4m he got when he left Leeds. There's something wrong here, surely?

Not a lot of footy news, as has become the norm. There are more reports that AC3 is off to Chelski, if this is going to happen then I suspect it'll be pretty soon, what with the mercenaries off to the USofA next week and all. Looks like Buffon is staying at Juve, which is good news for JL1 who really doesn't deserve to lose his place IMHO.

UPDATE: In today's "You Couldn't Make It Up" news, FIFA have banned the retired Zinedine Zidane for three games. Brilliant.

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