Thursday, July 27, 2006

Absolute C*** Take Note

Mr Tweedy might want to consider SC23's graceful parting with the Arsenal. Says the Big Man, on the BBC site, "The more we spoke the more we all realised that the situation was actually good for both parties. They realised it was best for me to move on. There was no wrangling. It was all amicable. It was nicely done but that is Arsenal. They do things in a proper, gentlemanly manner."

A bit more on the charmless AC3 from PopBitch: "Ashley Cole might have employed over-the-top security to keep ordinary folk away from his wedding, but it seems he wasn't so bothered on his stag weekend. Some English girls on a hen weekend in Marbella got talking to Ashley's posse. They said most of the lads were very nice and friendly, especially Rio Ferdinand, and happily signed autographs. Except for Cole himself. His only contribution was to ask the bride-to-be why she was bothering to get married, "As it would only last a couple of years anyway.""

The sooner the blingy one takes his book, his ho and his wage demands to Chelski the better. Good riddance.

It rained a bit last night, but it's still infernally humid. A thunderstorm would be really, really welcome right now. Ah, now a Test Match has just started...

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