Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thanks. For. That.

Chaos at work yesterday, hence no post - evening posting ruled out by alcohol :/

Today we have a sort of "goodbye and thanks for all the fish" session, which promises to be (quite literally) an absolute riot.

Not a whole load of footie news today. FF15 will be FF4 next season, which I think is pretty cool. TW32 may or may not be off on loan to WBA in an attempt to swing a deal for Curtis Davis - if this were true it would add credibility to the rumours that we're about to sign Saviola.

Still nothing about the Serie A debacle, which I suspect (given the timescales involved for CL involvement/appeals etc) may mean they've all got away with it. This would be disgraceful, if unsurprising IMHO.

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