Thursday, March 23, 2006

Media PC Stuff

A bit of geekiness for a welcome change from my usual moaning... Brainiac has sent me a write-up of his recent Media PC build. Well worth a read if you're looking at embarking on this sort of project - he covers a number of issues which you will seriously wish you'd thought about before you start if, like me, you didn't think about them. Read it here.

I'll write up my considerably less successful efforts as soon as time allows. My thoughts to date are, as Brainiac mentions, that the iMon software trounces MCE in just about every department. It's the product MCE tries to be, but isn't. Shame the remote isn't quite as pretty as the Microsoft one, but that's hardly a huge price to pay.

Once I've written up the MCE experience I'll rebuild the box as a Linux/Freevo effort, which I've got high hopes for.

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