Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Flickr Stuff

Cardiff 2005,
originally uploaded by Git Mohair.
I'm making progress with the Flickr project, though the process is a little long-winded as I'm having to shrink all of the images before posting them [1]. So far all I've got done is last year's Community Shield: the picture shown is rather a nice one of the stadium with L'Homme Franglais reading his (idiotically expensive) programme.

Loads more on the way, if you want a copy of any of them then let me know and I'll mail you the full-sized original.

[1] Before any bright spark says "why don't you script this" I guess I should point out that I'm also cropping the things to produce rather better framed images than my usual point-and-hope photography skills tend to come up with on their own.

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