Monday, March 27, 2006

Juventus - Early Stuff & More! Gosh!

AW was on the box earlier and says that SC23, who had been "in his plans", and FL8 are both out of contention tomorrow. Not the end of the world, by any means. It'll be interesting to see whether Saturday's enforced day's rest is a good or a bad thing, certainly AW isn't gloating about the unexpected day off, but then that is his way. I'm just crossing my fingers...

Flickr project is coming on nicely, full details once it's finished. BTW, if any of the GG squad has got 2003 Final piccies I'd like copies as I appear to have lost mine. Backup's for wimps, yes?

Shame about tonight's result, but at least the Baggies gave it a shot (and me a few minutes dreaming).

Nice to see PV4 getting the (very fine) reception he deserves on his return on the news tonight. Would also be fine to see FF15 play him off the park tomorrow. We shall see.

Bedtime again. Gosh, it comes round fast! I think I may be/be getting old...

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