Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things To Diarise Whilst You're Bored

And they're both on the same day, just to be inconvenient for you. The 30th April, to be precise. Put them in your diary now, because if you're sensible and have planned ahead you'll have all of next week off. You can spend that lovely holiday time thinking of those not-sensible ones of us who will be sitting at our desks next week watching the rest of you having fun/relaxing in the sun/smearing yourselves in jello and eating ice cream. But I digress.

The two events are simultaneous, so unless you like rushing about you've a choice to make.

At the Queen's Head, Fishponds, there's a memorial Irish Night in support of MacMillan Cancer. Live Irish band (apparently they're really, really good) with a dance caller (what could possibly go wrong?) and real Irish food made by Irish people (well, an Irish person). I am told the food will be green but that this is intentional colouring and not an indication of its age. I remain to be convinced about the quality of this idea, green ham sounds wrong on way too many levels I'm afraid.

If the Irish Night doesn't grab you, or you become overwhelmed by it and need to move on, there's a Japanese Night at the Star in Tickenham in aid of Japan. It's organised by Mitsubishi and is obviously aimed at raising money for disaster relief in Japan. There will be raffles (one prize is a free MOT, I understand) and live music from Rock Bottom (hence I'm going to miss out on the green ham mentioned above). I'm not sure what normally passes for food in Tickenham so can't comment on whether whatever's served up on the night is Japanese themed or not, but I'm told there will be food or some sort to be had. And beer, obviously. You can also park there, which is handy as according to Google maps it's way out beyond the back of beyond. Or somewhere near Clevedon, which is pretty much the same thing if you ask me.

Do try to make it to one of these dos. If not, well, have a great time anyway.

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