Friday, April 15, 2011

My Ankles Itch

Maybe it's just a sign of age, but my ankles (well, mainly my left one) have been itching all morning. Annoying, and the constant stractching probably makes me look even more simian than usual to my work colleagues.

Half way through the working day now and half way through getting the office fax system sorted out. So that's sort of on target then, or would be if there wasn't an external IT bod who isn't here yet involved (or not yet actually involved, obviously). Why do people still insist on using faxes? Is there some legal reason perhaps? Leave a comment if you happen to know if there is any reason apart from obstinacy for continuing to use the wretched things.

It's just about BBQ weather here in Bristol atm so if the weather holds out till tomorrow I could well be out in the garden knocking up some meaty/cheesy thing (OK, a cheeseburger) in time for the ManUSA/BlueMoonOilers soccer match-up in the afternoon. I guess if I had to choose who I'd like to win I'd go for City, them not being United and Chelsea not being involved, but it is rather like being asked which toe you'd like cut off first.

Enjoy what's left of your day!

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