Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Day For Improbable News, Perhaps?

So by the end of today (or actually a tad earlier if you must be pedantic) we may discover that England will host the 2018 World Cup Of Soccerball (15.00 GMT/Pedant Time) and that NASA have discovered proof of extra-terrestrial life (19.00 GMT etc). Equally, or perhaps more probably, we'll learn that the WC will be in Iberia - they by all reports having put in the worst bid - and that NASA have discovered something related to all the red dwarfs that have apparently just turned up.

On the improbable (if you thought about it a couple of months back) but now actual news front, Arsenal face Mad Roy's Keane's Ipswich in the semi-finals of the Carling Cup. That Ipswich beat West Brom (not-so-long ago victors at the Emirates) on the back of a twatting from Naaarch in the Old Farm Derby makes you wonder just how good Delia's boys are. Maybe it's the food. She does a good roast in that TV ad atm.

Today's sandwiches weren't frozen. This is an improvement, I feel.

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