Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday's Child Requires A Beer

Stan Kroenke has purchased a further 427 shares in Arsenal's parent holding company and now has a stake of 29.6% - another step closer to the 29.9% threshold that would trigger the requirement for a formal takeover bid. A few years back I'd have been very wary about this situation, nowadays - SK having shown considerable decorum and respect in his dealings both with the club and us minion fans - way less so. The spectre of Usmanov lurks horribly and so Stan's the man for me if we really can't stay the way we are - and I suspect "the way we are" is the way most fans would like us to stay. SK seems, though, to understand the "patient and sane" approach AW has taken in his managerial stewardship of the club, and in particular the way the move to the new stadium has happened. Good.

Not a lot else going on, it would seem. So let's get that beer...

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