Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Could It Be Rafa?

AZ Alkmaar at home in the CL tonight. A win is more than possible here, and it'd set us up nicely to be spending our time concentrating on other fronts for a while. Come on you Gunners!

Elsewhere, the Soaraway Sun is sticking it to Gordon Big Issues big time, and quite right too. Why the wretch can't just call an election is beyond me, it really is.

Very odd journey back on the bus today - well, it might be entirely normal for buses, but I'm a recent convert to commuting that way - loads of coversations, but all one-ended because everyone was talking on their mobiles to people off the bus. Weird. Rather sad, actually.

Update: Half Time sees us 2-0 up and the Scallies drawing 0-0. It's the 'Pool on the box and I have to say they're doing OK. Torres is useless, though to be fair he's supposedly injured, but Benayoun and Kuyt are playing really well. I have a sneaking suspicion Voronin's hard work may yet be rewarded...

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