Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Your Brush Tony, Tar Yourself And Not Us

The Government's response to the killing of Saddam Hussein shames us all. That the man died with dignity despite the circumstances is a huge credit to a man who Mr Bush and President Blair have described repeatedly as a coward. How such a death is supposed to help the situation in Iraq is beyond me. Another commentator has noted the similarity between Blair's guitar strumming whilst Saddam swung and Nero's fiddling whilst Rome burned. He's surely not far off the point.

I'm opposed on principle to the death penalty, as most of you who know me probably know, but even so I can understand why the sentence might be appropriate in the case of a man responsible for so many deaths and such a regime. Having seen the footage of his hanging I have to say, though, that he appears to have been the only one to emerge from the business with his honour intact. Tony Blair is personally opposed to the the death penalty, as (more importantly) is our nation. Where was President Blair's personal appeal for clemancy? Where was our Government's appeal?

Tony Blair, you are a disgrace. Please leave, the door is open.

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