Friday, November 24, 2006

Weekend Preview: Bolton And The Mangled Wurzels

I'm not too sure which is the least attractive prospect, to be honest. The Bolton game has turned into an annual horror show, though I still reckon we'll get a result tomorrow. We're certainly due one, after all. TR7 is out, as is WG10. Thankfully the latter would seem to be making a speedier recovery than was originally anticipated. RVP11 is suspended. Whilst I'd love to see The Beast get a start I suspect we'll see EA25. Come on you Gunners!

Meanwhile, back in Shepton, the Mangled Wurzels are appearing at the Charlton Inn on Saturday night. I appreciate that most people would view going to see a Worzels cover band as a clear sign of insanity but I have to say they provide a bloody good night out. Perhaps I've been down here too long. Perhaps living next to Europe's largest cider factory has done for me. Who knows, anyway I intend to be there.

UPDATE: TH14 is out of tomorrow's game. As good a time as any to give The Beast a start, I think. Some people are suggesting TW32 but I'd rather not see Bolton have a whole game to kick him around the park.

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