Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Even Older Trout

Well. The Boss's 44th was a truly roctastic beerfest with some very fine curried goat and jerk chicken thrown in. Everybody had a great night (and I suspect a hangover of some considerable quality the following day) and I reckon the excellent Queen's Head is now firmly back on the map (if you're trying to find it on said map - and I'd recommend doing this and then visiting in person, particularly for the orgasmic cauliflower cheese at the Sunday carvery - then try Fishponds Road, Bristol, just opposite Eastville Park). Congratulations to publicans Carol and Bill on the very fine job they've done with the place since taking it over a mere few weeks back.

The evening's entertainment started off with Ned's superb acoustic set - a fabulous choice of songs beautifully sung. There were a few women looking for drier underwater after his efforts, I suspect. Bastard :)

Bristol's newest Rock 'n' Roll stars, Mister Savage, gave us a couple of superb sets, aided and abbetted by/handicapped by a couple of guests (your author included). They were *bloody good*, let's just be clear about that.

You should, if you're lucky enough to be around Brizzle, get the chance to see them over the next few months. Give it a shot, you'll have a great night. Top Tip: their versions of "Play That Funky Music" and "No More Heroes" are to die for.

Kate made sure she kept up the family tradition...

Caz had spent the day in the kitchen and produced some absolutely wonderful food - curried goat, jerk chicken, rice and peas et al. I didn't get to eat any as I'd got rather tied up with other things when they started serving and it'd all gone by the time I'd finished. Since she'd catered for over 100 people I guess this suggests the food was popular :)

There's a lot to add to this post (and I will as I get more photos in), so please call back from time to time...

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