Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Return Of The Gnome

Having dismally failed to get my house organized last night, I may have to dig out the rather bizarre Sky Gnome thing to provide sound coverage for tonight's match whilst I make up for yesterday's laziness (actually having a drink [1] with Mr W before his departure for pastures new).

No team news this early in the day, but good news in that FF4 is set to sign a new *eight-year* contract! In odder, pub-quiz-fact news we will be wearing shirts emblazoned with "Dubai" tonight as Hamburg share our sponsor and apparently it isn't allowed for both teams to wear shirts bearing the same sponsor's logo. Hamburg will return the favour when they come to London. This issue has never come up before, it seems. Quite why it's an issue at all is beyond me, I have to say.

[1] Quite a few, as it happens.

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