Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Plenty Of Clouds, Silver Lining Conspicuous By Its Absence

TH14 is out of tomorrow's CL clash with Hamburg with a foot injury, it's being reported. No other unexpected injury news, however, so with any luck we can kick-start our season with a win in the Fatherland.

The Cashley Cole saga rumbles on, with each passing day he's looking more and more of a prat - something that didn't seem possible, but there you go - and now he's calling Jose Moaninho a liar. Nothing like making yourself popular with your new boss, perhaps he's hoping to follow the last year's stint on the Arsenal injury list with a year in Chelsea's reserves. I've really no idea what this guy's agenda is at all.

Weather dank here and some mystery illness - which I suspect is "I'm-getting-pissed-off-with-this-place-itis" has left work looking like the Marie Celeste. We're in for a lot more of this, IMHO.

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