Thursday, March 10, 2011

They Won't Like It Up 'Em

Still fuming over the RVP10 dismissal, I've come to a decision. I'm supporting Spurs to win the CL. Odd? No, makes perfect sense. What better way to nip over to Europe, give the English-hating Platini and his UEFA cronies a bloody nose and get back in time for tea than for 'Arry "Barrow Boy" Redknapp to win the thing. "Gawd bless you, Mr Platini" as he lifts the trophy. Fuck 'em. Make it so, 'Arry.

Alan Green last night on 5 Live seems to have missed the point. Not unusual, I'll grant, entertaining though he might be. At the point RVP was sent off BARCELLONA WERE LOSING. Let's do that again. BARCELLONA WERE ON THEIR WAY OUT OF THE CL. Barcellona are in the next round by dint of the referee giving them an unfair advantage. Willingly or not they have cheated their way there. So hurry up 'Arry.

I'm going down the pub.

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