Friday, July 15, 2005

All Things Must Pass

So PV4's finally off then. The papers are having a field day, of course - not least because, Chelsea having managed the seemingly impossible in having priced themselves out of the market for anyone whilst having more money than most of Africa and Asia combined, there's little else for them to write about. The most extreme reaction I've heard from any fellow Gooners, however, is "fair enough".

Is this reaction just down to the fact that's we've had the "is he/isn't he" saga every last few summers? I don't think so. The impression I get is that most of us feel the time is right for a change - and anyone who suffered watching JL1 single-handedly mugging the Mancs must see that we really do need a Plan B...

So I'm looking forward to an exciting new season with an exiting-as-usual-but-rather-different team. Cool, bring it on... come on you Redcurrants!

Anyway, best of wishes to Pat is his new career and many thanks for all he's done for us. Nice one, good luck.

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